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by Kim Fullbrook

With the digital photographic revolution has come the need to learn a set of new skills in order to get the best out of the new medium. This series of articles is aimed specifically at railway photographers and explains the equipment and techniques needed to successfully capture and process digital photographs. It should be of interest to all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. All of the techniques are equally applicable to other areas of outdoor photography, particularly landscapes and transport photography.

The series has been published since September 2004 in the monthly magazine Railways Illustrated from Ian Allan Publishing. The Article Archive contains web pages which accompany the articles and are intended to provide additional material to benefit the readers of the printed magazine rather than be a complete study of these topics on their own. Be sure to buy your copy of the monthly magazine so that you don’t miss anything !

To find an article click on the Article Archive link or specific year in the panel on the left. There are some web-only articles that have not appeared in the magazine and which can only be found in the Article Archive.

If you missed any copies of Railways Illustrated magazine, back issues are available from Ian Allan. UK readers should telephone the subscriber hotline on 01932-266622. From outside the UK the number is: +44-932-266622.

The book “A Guide to Digital Railway Photography” by the author was published by Ian Allan in November 2008. The book is a comprehensive guide to taking and editing digital photos of railway subjects. It contains some material from the magazine series brought up to date as well as plenty of new material. More information on the book is available on this site.

If you have any questions or comments, whether about this site or photography in general, contact the author using the link on the left.

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